Operations Assistant Part-Time

Your mission

We're looking for an awesome Operations Assistant to join our team! You'll be a crucial part of keeping everything running smoothly around here. Basically, you'll support our COO and our HR Team, ensuring communication flows well and things get done efficiently. With your super organizational skills, attention to detail, and great communication abilities, you'll be a huge asset in managing schedules, helping with admin stuff, and generally making our work environment awesome. Your main duties will include:

  • Act as the go-to person for executives, employees, and outside folks, providing prompt and friendly responses to inquiries.
  • You will stay on top of the company's invoices and expenses each month so things run smoothly.
  • You will help manage all our important paperwork, supplier invoices, purchase orders, expense claims, account payments, and payroll efficiently.
  • Handle general administrative duties, Nothing too crazy, just some stuff to keep things running smoothly.
  • Handle software applications for general admin activities, including word processing, spreadsheets, pdfs, and calendar software, etc.
  • Make sure to be a part of team meetings, brainstorming sessions, and planning. Show that you're into what's going on and want to pitch in.
  • One of your tasks will be to keep things interesting around here! You gotta plan all kinds of cool stuff for the team, like getaways and team-building stuff. We want everyone to feel like they're part of the gang and working together like a well-oiled machine.
  • You are basically in charge of handling all the important papers and files for the company to make sure that everything is spot-on.
  • Help our HR manager to do a good job of welcoming new and temp employees during onboarding to make a sweet experience right off the bat.

Your profile

  • Are you a recent university graduate searching for an exciting job opportunity? Or you've got a couple years under your belt supporting those big-shot C-level execs?
  • You're seriously on top of things when it comes to staying organized and paying attention to every little detail. You really take ownership of your work.
  • You are a pro at English and German. You can chat with folks in both languages like it's no biggie.
  • You're great at juggling a bunch of things at once and rolling with the punches when things change unexpectedly. Moving from task to task is a breeze for you.
  • You always pull through and get stuff done.
  • You love it when you're with a bunch of people who are all in it to win it? Like, when everyone's working together towards a common goal.

Why us?

  • You get a whopping 27 days of vacation every year! That's more than enough time to chill out, have some fun, and maybe even go on a wild adventure or two.
  • Urban Sports Club, supporting your well-being you can hit up gyms and sports clubs all over Germany.
  • We've got tons of delicious stuff to keep you going all day. Head over to the office and you'll find fresh fruit, yummy treats, coffee, and a bunch of teas to pick from.
  • We offer a pretty sweet salary package and loads of development opportunities to help you reach your career goals.

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