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Airsiders builds market-changing software and services that are demanded by travellers & enabled by airports and airlines


The only through check-in service for virtual interlining

Virtual interlining saw a rapid growth despite is previous limitations; Airsiders Check-thru is here to drive this exciting niche further into the mass-market with our partners

  • Passenger & baggage through-check
  • Customer & disruption support
  • Enterprise tools for airlines
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Here for Volario?

Volario is an OTA brand built & operated by Airsiders

Powered by our virtual interline technologies, the Volario platform is purpose-built to enable us to make our VI service available to travellers directly, as well as via metasearches & the websites of our partner airlines

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Contextual airport journey guidance in the browser

Initially built as an aggregation technology to predict the passenger flow & MCTs for virtual interlining flights, Compass has quickly evolved into the industry’s most powerful digital airport assistant for passengers of all types and is offered by major airports globally

  • Door-to-gate planner
  • Airport digital wayfinding
  • Commercial features
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Who we are

Embracing technology & industry cooperation to make travel more customer centric

We develop technologies that link carriers, hubs, travel services and information in new ways that empower people to reach any destination affordably, efficiently, and without compromise.

Based out of our HQ in Berlin – the tech capital of Europe – our vision is to be able to offer passengers a unified booking & travel experience across all carriers & transport modes, through any transport hub.

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We are creating the future of end-to-end travel connectivity with leading airports and airlines.