Virtual interline through check-in

Simplifying travel for self-connecting passengers while offering the industry a modern alternative to interlining


A new era in self-connect

The adoption of virtual interlining has expanded rapidly, with over 200M annual bookings; yet, the limitations of baggage and customer experience have remained the same
With our check-thru service, we now enable airlines to sell more seats with the responsibility and liability limited to their portion of the journey, while offering an interline-level experience to their customers


The Airsiders Check-thru service is powered by five key components

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Our patent-pending technology cleverly connects airline DCS, PSS, as well as airport BHS systems to enable the exchange of data between parties in a standardised format, hence overcoming the key technical challenge of interlining between low-cost and full-service carriers.


Our proprietary passenger and baggage handling processes – built upon decades of experience in the field – are easily configured to the respective airlines & airports in the partnership and make the handling a breeze.


Whether bundled into a virtual interline fare or offered as an ancillary service, Airsiders takes care of the distribution of the Check-thru service directly via our OTA Volario, or via other travel sellers using our API or white-label solutions

Passenger support

We take care of passengers’ change requests, and most importantly the disruptions that they experience in the journey, acting as a central point of contact to resolve their issues

Partner support (B2B)

We act as an intermediary between the partner carriers and the airports that are involved in the fulfilment of the check-thru service towards the passenger, cooperating to resolve both passenger and baggage cases


Discover how we work with our airline and airport partners to offer the service to their customers


A unique partnership model

We partner with airlines and airports on the fulfilment of the solution, whereby we act as the principal of the service to the end customer and orchestrate the operations with and between our partners. This means that our partners’ liability and responsibility are generally limited to their part of the journey.

In order to set up and operate solution, we offer our partners access to our technologies, as well as our implementation and B2B support services.

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