Learn how Airsiders‘ innovative airport wallet pass technology revolutionizes the passenger journey on airport websites. Discover how this plugin enables real-time flight tracking and updates without the need for app downloads, providing a seamless and convenient experience.

The challenge with airport websites

Passengers rely heavily on airport websites and apps to access flight information, making the online FIDS page the most visited section. However, many airports face the issue of low app adoption among non-local passengers.

Since it is currently not possible to send users push notifications from the browser, this leads to repetitive website refreshing and inconvenience for passengers in accessing the latest updates about their flights.

The solution: Airport Wallet Passes

Airsiders airport wallet pass

With Airsiders’ airport wallet pass, passengers can effortlessly track their flight status directly in their browser and receive real-time updates without the need for app downloads. Here’s how it works:

1. Flight selection: Passengers visit the flights page on the airport website and locate their flight.

2. Add pass: By clicking the “Add to Wallet” button next to their flight, passengers instantly receive an airport-branded mobile wallet pass tailored to their mobile device (iOS or Android).

3. Push notifications: Whenever there’s a new announcement from the AODB (Airport Operational Database), passengers receive push notifications directly on their home screen, even without an app download.

One pass, multiple use cases

Apart from real-time flight updates, the airport wallet pass plugin offers additional features and benefits:

  • Seamless redirection: Clicking on a notification takes passengers back to the airport website or the webapp provided by Airsiders, ensuring a seamless browsing experience.

  • Traffic status information: Airports can provide relevant information on traffic conditions to passengers before they depart from home, enhancing their journey planning.

  • Personalized marketing notifications: With passengers opting in by saving the pass, airports can send targeted marketing notifications, including personalized retail and parking offers, promoting a tailored and engaging experience.

Jam-packed with benefits loved by airport marketing teams

The airport wallet pass plugin brings several advantages for airports and passengers alike:

  • App-free updates: Passengers can receive timely flight updates without the need to download an app, improving accessibility and convenience.

  • Enhanced passenger engagement: By delivering push notifications directly to users’ home screens, airports can engage passengers effectively and ensure they remain informed throughout their journey.

  • Accessible airport information: The plugin makes airport information readily available, enabling passengers to stay up-to-date without constantly refreshing the website.

  • Browser-based reach: The wallet pass plugin empowers airports to reach passengers directly in their browsers, eliminating the barrier of app adoption.

  • Targeted promotions: Airports can deliver personalized retail and parking offers to passengers who have opted in, enhancing customer satisfaction and generating revenue opportunities.

Get started with Airsiders

Discover the power of the airport wallet pass plugin by Airsiders, empowering airports to provide seamless flight tracking, real-time updates, and personalized engagement for passengers. Experience the benefits of easy integration, improved accessibility, and enhanced passenger satisfaction. Contact us today to explore additional use cases and unlock the full potential of your airport’s digital transformation.

Implementing the airport wallet pass plugin is a breeze for airport marketing and digital teams. Airsiders, a Berlin-based travel technology company backed by Beumer Group, a global leader in airport systems, provides scalable and end-to-end solutions for airports to innovate and digitize the entire airport journey.