Virtual interlining with innovative solution for transfer baggage

Düsseldorf Airport and Berlin-based company Airsiders are cooperating on a new type of virtual interlining solution.

A seamless combination of flights, even without interline or code-sharing agreements, is intended to enable passengers to make completely new transfers and connections via DUS. The highlight: an innovative handling technology that automates the sorting and handling of luggage. Passengers of multi-carrier flights will be able to check their baggage in to the final destination, even if they fly with airlines that don´t have an interline agreement.

Airsiders wants to integrate offers and content from airlines and airports on one platform using an API interface. This will include ticket sales, onward carriage of baggage, flight-related insurance and minimum connection times between connecting flights without an interline agreement. Travellers thus gain a high level of transparency about flight options, maximum security for connecting flight times and a whole new experience of comfort: they no longer have to worry about their luggage until their final destination after dropping it off at the departure airport.

“We want to offer a much more flexible and convenient alternative to traditional interlining and current virtual interlining solutions,” explains Yavuz Karadag, CEO of Airsiders GmbH. “With Düsseldorf Airport, we now have a strong, forward-looking partner at our side to create new connections and enable a smooth passenger journey between point of departure and final destination.”

Düsseldorf Airport sees great potential in Airsiders technology. “We want to integrate the solutions of our new cooperation partner into the infrastructure of our airport and thus offer new added value to our airline partners as well as to our retail partners in the terminal and, last but not least, to our passengers,” explains Andreas Kraus, Senior Vice President Corporate Development at Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH.  

“Airlines can increase their capacity utilization and sell additional seats via new connections, passengers have a wider choice of routes with a consistent travel experience and they gain time because they do not have to check in their luggage again. Our store and catering trade partners can then benefit from this.”

Besides Düsseldorf Airport as one of the first airport partners, Airsiders is collaborating with airlines and major aviation partners.

The new virtual interlining offer is to be launched in DUS by summer schedule 2023.