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1 Feb 2024

Maximizing Airport Revenue Streams Through Virtual Interlining

Airports today stand at the cusp of a transformative opportunity with virtual interlining, a concept that’s reshaping how global networks are built and utilized.

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Digital Airport

1 Sep 2023

Navigating The Digital Skies: The Case for Rethinking Airport Apps

In today’s hyperconnected world, industries across the board are tapping into the transformative power of technology.

Business man waits at airport using webapp

Digital Airport

21 Aug 2023

E-Commerce Personalization: A New Era for Airport Revenue

In today’s rapidly changing aviation landscape, non-aero revenue has emerged as a linchpin for airport growth and sustainable business operations.

Digital Airport

20 Jun 2023

Airport wallet passes: the secret to engaging passengers in the web

Learn how Airsiders’ innovative airport wallet pass technology revolutionizes the passenger journey on airport websites.

Airline Connectivity

20 Jun 2023

Lübeck Air expands network thanks to Airsiders’ virtual interlining

Thanks to the cooperation with Airsiders, Lübeck Air passengers will soon be able to seamlessly book a connecting flight from Lübeck outbound to any destination directly on their website.

Airport Connectivity

5 Feb 2023

How airports can change the game for self-connecting passengers

We take a look at the obstacles for self-connecting passengers, then discover how airports play a role in creating a seamless self-connected travel experience.

Digital Airport

10 Jan 2023

Future of airport management: imagining the innovative airports of 2030

How will airports go from doom to boom, maximising their potential to deliver a sustainable, efficient airport of the future? In this article, we look at six main trends that will mark the future of airport management.

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